Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meter reading #10

It's been way too long since I checked the Site Meter, so I'm going to divide the latest reading into two installments. Here are some ways people have gotten here since Friday, March 25:

Nine Google searches for "Blount Countian."
I also received searches for "Blount Banner," "'Blount County' blog Alabama," "'Blount County' 'Southern Democrat,'" "Blount 'Inland Lake,'" and "Blount County Water Authority." Just imagine the traffic I'd get if I actually wrote about things that occurred there on a semi-regular basis.

Three Google searches involving "Guntersville."
Looks like I'll need to expand my virtual coverage area.

A Google search for "Magic City Democrats Birmingham."
OK, enough already. I can't cover the entire state for free.

A Google search for "Emanuel Cleaver controversies."
I was only aware of one, actually.

A Google search for "'body paint' 'Washington Redskins.'"
Sorry, sir, not even your bare chest can lure back Steve Spurrier.

A Google search for "Eufaula Auburn national champion."
Hey, don't forget the Peoples National Championship. Oh, and one-third of the inaugural RSD Memorial Football Trophy, which I just inaugurated, and which doesn't actually exist.

A Google search for "Auburn dean administrative leave."
Do I have to give him a national championship, too?

An All the Internet search for "video arcade Jefferson County Alabama 2005."
I'm required by law to report this incident, as well as any involving an armadillo or a houseplant, to Alabama Attorney General Troy King. Thank you for your understanding.

A Google search for "hotty toddy gosh almighty."
Who in the hell are you? Flim flam?!? Bim bam?!? That's it; I'm reporting you to Troy, too.

A Google search for "Bhutan King Jigme Singye Wangchuk."
Yes, I did write about him once. No, I won't apologize. And yes, that's his real name.

A Dogpile search for "chimp attacks."
Seriously, do not mess with these things.

A Yahoo search for "Bevill Heflin."
Two men who did good things for Alabama.

Five Google searches for "Gerald Allen."
One man who's doing terrible things in Alabama.

Three Technorati searches for "Dobson."
One man who fears gay sponges and liberal activist Klan judges.

A Yahoo search for "punji stake infections."
Get off the Internet and seek immediate medical attention.

A Yahoo search for "red state male."
Hey, baby. What do you want to know?

A Yahoo search for "red state stereotypes."
Well, see, it depends on which ones really interest you...

A Yahoo search for "militaryescortm4m."
This conversation is over.

Two Google searches for "Twinkle Andress."
Your new score: Twinkle 3, Redding 2.

Visitors from Montana and New Hampshire.
My constitutional amendment! My... my precious!

Visitors from Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Estonia, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.
Don't worry; I stopped reading after Aruba, too.

A Yahoo search for "War Diaries of Homosexual boys."
OK, it's definitely time for this installment to end. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Blogger Nick Beadle said...

"A Yahoo search for 'militaryescortm4m.'
This conversation is over."

Hey man, Jim Guckert is only searching for love.

He's got pictures...

12:14 AM  

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