Friday, April 15, 2005

Should have stayed in the pocket

"Ron Mexico" is fake, but that hasn't kept NFL fans from wanting a jersey with his name on it. Alas, what the league's online shop giveth, the league's online shop taketh away.

I laugh. Ron Mexico, a Michigan auto parts supplier who does exist, is somewhat less amused.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The NFL might be seeing the case against Vick as bad PR, but I think they're missing out on A LOT of money by not selling the jerseys with the nickname on it.

But it's their right to deny sales of jerseys with a name on it. They have the logos/color scheme copyrighted (I take it the jersey's design is copyrighted in some form or fashion.), so they reserve some right to say what gets put on the jersey.

Someone had posted a list of the banned jersey words online somewhere...I'll have to find it. One odd entry was "GAY," because although they may not want that word or derivatives of it on an NFL jersey, some people have the last name Gay, including an NFL player, I believe.


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