Monday, April 11, 2005

What hath judge-bashing wrought?

Lawyer Edwin Vieira said Friday during a Washington conference on "judicial tyranny" that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy "upholds Marxist, Leninist, satanic principles drawn from foreign law." It therefore is ironic, not to mention terrifying, that Vieira cited Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin for his "bottom line" on dealing with Kennedy: "no man, no problem."

Stalin's full quote, as The Washington Post notes: "Death solves all problems; no man, no problem."

Why law enforcement didn't immediately visit Vieira after he made a comment like that is beyond me. Vieira ostensibly was referring to the ridiculous idea that federal judges who make a decision or two with which he disagrees should be impeached, but considering the recent spate of violence against judges and their families, his ill-considered remark easily could send a mentally unstable person over the edge.

Also on the conference's guest list: everyone's favorite granite lover, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Surprise!


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