Sunday, March 06, 2005

I wonder if this one will make Oprah's list

Lest you begin to doubt the purity of his intentions in sneaking a 2.6-ton Ten Commandments monument into the Alabama Judicial Building in the dead of night a few years ago, former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, a likely Republican candidate for governor in 2006, cemented his reputation as a selfless crusader for truth and justice last week with the release of his book, So Help Me God.

In keeping with Moore's theme of valiantly offering himself up at the altar of the greater good, with no concern for his own financial or political gain, the book is free to anyone who wants it. Oh, wait, you say it isn't? You say it's actually $16.49 on after a 34 percent discount? And you say Moore is holding book signings at politically charged events sponsored by a group that calls for a declaration of war on illegal aliens? Never mind, then.

Feel free to post any reviews or insights below.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good book titles give me goosebumps.

9:48 AM  

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