Friday, November 05, 2004

People are reading already

Two comments in the first three hours of this site's existence. Not bad. As you know, I love to read your comments and I welcome them at all times, but you must adhere to these guidelines:

1) Please include an opinion, observation, joke, etc., about the post on which you comment. Pretty much anything is relevant as long as it's tasteful and within reason. But if you're just trying to prolong the discussion indefinitely by raising a bunch of tangential points, I'll shut down the thread. As a general rule, if you comment on a post after it goes off the front page, chances are very high that I will delete that comment. If you're going to strike, strike while the iron is hot so other readers can have a fair chance to respond.

2) Please refrain from comments that might send law enforcement knocking on my door or yours. That means you should avoid even the appearance of soliciting or encouraging major crimes. This rule is for our mutual benefit.

Regardless of your political beliefs, most of us have That Politician who we can't stand. (I have several.) Feel free to rail against That Politician, tear That Politician's policies to shreds, or call for That Politician to be voted out or thrown out of office. But don't threaten That Politician's life or safety or make any statements that could be construed as such a threat. Even if I think it's clear that you mean no real harm, I'll still terminate such comments with extreme prejudice.

3) If you post a link to a story or blog post, please ensure that it engages in some degree of rational discourse rather than pure ad hominem attacks. Equating someone's political affiliation with a "disease" and a "mental disorder" is not rational discourse. Indeed, it's just the sort of counterproductive, divisive rhetoric that prompted me to start this site in the first place.

4) I retain the right to delete comments that I believe are designed primarily to antagonize, harass, or intimidate other commenters or me. Repeated violations of this rule may result in temporary or permanent revocation of your commenting privileges.

Thanks for the attention so far, folks. There's more to come soon.


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