Monday, October 16, 2006

One of them has to win

Sure, Secretary of State Nancy Worley missed the federal deadline to establish a statewide voter registration database earlier this year. But hey, there's good news: Some other states missed it by an even larger margin. Pay no attention to all the other states where the secretary of state, you know, did meet the deadline.

Meanwhile, Worley's Republican opponent, Beth Chapman -- deliverer of the famed "liberal, tree-hugging, hippie, Birkenstock-
wearing, tie-dyed liberals"
speech -- wants voters to cast their ballots only after they contemplate what they would want if the 2000 Florida election imbroglio repeated itself in Alabama. "Who is the person you want sitting there?" she asked.

How about neither of you?


Anonymous Dan said...

Yeah... I'm not really thrilled at some of the idiotic things Chapman has said over the years. But at least she isn't a completely incompetent moron.

I'm probably going to send her an email before I vote telling her exactly where I think she's an idiot, though. Like, "I'm voting for you, but as a reasonable, intelligent person, I think you and I are completely different.

11:04 AM  

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