Saturday, September 09, 2006

G'bye, mate

Almost a week after his untimely death, I still miss Steve Irwin. In part, that's because I couldn't count how many hours I've spent watching The Crocodile Hunter over the years. Irwin's endless curiosity and enthusiasm for his job shined through in every episode, and try as you might, it was impossible not to be entertained by his bold antics and whimsical Australian slang.

But an even more important reason to miss Irwin is that he was more than just a loud guy with a funny accent and a proclivity to seek out dangerous creatures. He was a man who recognized the beauty in animals that most people instinctively find hideous or horrifying and tried his best to spread those sentiments to millions. Moreover, Irwin was a true environmentalist who waged a high-profile fight to support wildlife and habitat preservation even after the cameras stopped rolling. Yes, Irwin made lots of money, but he seemed driven less by dollars than by a resolve to save natural splendor for future generations to enjoy.

Mother Nature lost one of her most effective advocates earlier this week. Godspeed, Steve, and thanks for all the good you did for the animals we otherwise might have ignored.


Anonymous Kathy said...


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Anonymous Debbie Murphree said...

Steve will forever be missed. His antics, his dedication to animals, his family, and society, will always be remembered. His family was richly blessed to have had such a personality living with them, and we were blessed to have been able to share his adventures with him.

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