Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hobson's choice

State Auditor Beth Chapman ended the speculation Monday by announcing her entry into Alabama's race for secretary of state next year. Barring major primary challenges on either side, the Republican will face Democratic incumbent Nancy Worley, who said she plans to run on her record, which includes her selection of Diebold to set up the state's voter registration system despite an advisory committee's preference for two other vendors.

You may remember Chapman from her 2003 public admonition that "liberal, tree-hugging, hippie, Birkenstock-wearing, tie-dyed liberals" should "go make their movies and music and whine somewhere else." (Yes, she actually used liberal as an adjective to describe liberals.) But don't worry; she has lots of other ideas, too.

For example, Chapman supports open government, even though she didn't say specifically if she's for a ban on transfers between political action committees. Also, she wants the Legislature to make photo voter identification mandatory, even though federal law bars such a requirement. (Fear not; she promises to "lobby Congress.") And as for whether she'll also lobby Congress to renew parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 before they expire in 2007, she promised to think really hard and then reveal her stance.


Blogger Matt Collins said...

Please say the Republican Party will turn out a better candidate than this.

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