Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday afternoon quarterbacking

I know you want it, so it's time for an open thread on last night's Super Bowl. Talk amongst yourselves; I'll give you some topics:

  • Are you surprised that the Patriots beat the Eagles? (If so, can I interest you in some prime beachside parcels in Arizona?)
  • Was it gutsy or egotistical for Terrell Owens to return so quickly from his injury to start at wide receiver for the Eagles? (I lean toward the former.)
  • What was the best new commercial and why? (My hands-down pick is the FedEx/Kinko's spot with the 10 elements of a successful Super Bowl ad. Any commercial that features a bear kneeing Burt Reynolds in the groin is an automatic winner in my book.)
  • Just how fortunate was it that Paul McCartney's wardrobe didn't malfunction? (Make up your own quip for this one. Frankly, I'm embarrassed that I even mentioned the idea.)


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In short order (because I hate this POS public computer) :

    1. I friggin' hate New England. All of it. Including the various bits and places that gave us "freedom" freedom.

    2. Gutsy. The kid almost made up for the sh*t he pulled when he got traded to the Ravens.

    3. Kinko's - absolutely. Commedy friggin' gold. A strong second place goes to the cat/knife/sauce spot, with honorable mentions going to both of the MC Hammer spots.

    4. You know he wanted to whip it out.


    10:59 PM  
    Blogger Nick Beadle said...

    Because of certain situations, I missed most of the commercials though I questioned whether it was necessary to put MC Hammer into two commercials.

    It's funnier when Hammertime means Hammerbankruptcy.

    But the CareerBuilder monkeys, damn. That's a thing of beauty right there.

    So am I going to have to shatter Tom Brady's kneecaps with a hammer, or would Bellicheck just pull off a Rohan Davey-led Super Bowl team? And is Terry Bruschi more than a little grating to anyone else? Maybe the reason he's so "underrated" is he's such an annoying ass?

    But next year: The Chowtacular Tennessee Titans annhilate the Green Bay Packers. No Brett Favre, no second ring for you.

    2:05 AM  
    Blogger Alabamian said...

    "4. You know he wanted to whip it out.""Drive My Car" never would have sounded the same again.

    I'm still not entirely sure if Norm Chow would leave USC for anything short of a head coaching job, because he's got a pretty sweet gig as it is and job security in the NFL, if anything, is even lower there than in college football. But I know he desperately wants to be a head coach, and I want him to be one, too. If he thinks the Titans job gets him a step closer to that, as that story said, more power to him. I think Ole Miss definitely hired the wrong USC assistant.

    Helpful life tip: Never doubt the power of either Rohan Davey or Hammer. Especially Hammer. Can't touch that.

    9:35 AM  
    Blogger Nick Beadle said...

    The story also said Norm needs someone to stroke him.

    Jeff Fisher will -- and his mustache.

    12:47 PM  

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