Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Meter reading #4

You know the drill by now. Here's how people have gotten here since Wednesday:

Eight visitors from the Political Blog Directory.
Some of them even hung around for a little while this week. That goes on the progress report.

A Google search for "Mac Holcomb."
Gone from the headlines, but certainly not forgotten.

A Technorati search for "Iraq election."
This one confuses me a little. Sure, I've written about the vote, but cash flow problems have forced me to leave the site's Baghdad bureau unstaffed.

Someone who wandered over from a college statistics class blog.
University of origin unknown. I've noticed a growing trend of class blogs in the last couple of years. I've also found that you usually don't want to read them unless you must.

A Google search for "separate is inherently unequal."
I'm proud to be the No. 1 hit for this search term.

A Google search for "onomatopoeia."

Visitors from Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, and Washington, D.C.
One day I'll tire of rattling off lists of states. Today is not that day.

Visitors from Australia, Canada, France, India, Portugal, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.
[Insert witty comment about France here. Degree of difficulty: No snails. Bonus points for clever Lance Armstrong references.]


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