Friday, February 11, 2005

Death of a playwright

"I'll tell you what's walking Salem -- vengeance is walking Salem. We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law! This warrant's vengeance! I'll not give my wife to vengeance!"
-- John Proctor, The Crucible, Act II, Scene iv
Rest in peace, Arthur Miller. You were one of the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. Death of a Salesman is an amazing work as well...


5:23 PM  
Blogger Nick Beadle said...

My condolences goes out to the man who gave me the ability to use the Biblical sense of the word "know" in jokes.

As well as enhancing my Puritan humor.

4:36 PM  

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