Friday, December 10, 2004

Now's a good time to be afraid

State Rep. Gerald Allen, sponsor of the infamous Fahrenheit 451 plan that would ban public funding for any book "promoting" homosexuality, will meet President Bush on Monday.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The news comes from a story published Thursday in The Guardian, a London-based newspaper. The story also sheds some light on the thought process of the Republican legislator from Cottondale. Or, should I say, the lack thereof.

"Traditional family values are under attack" in Alabama, Allen said, despite being unable to give a specific example of any such assault. His advice to a reporter who asked him to name a single instance of the "homosexual agenda" at work? "Some time when you've got a week to spare, just go on the Internet. You'll see."

Oh, sure thing, Gerald. I just won't be surfing to any of those websites that you seem to have been browsing.

Allen also tried -- and failed -- to draw some kind of brilliant analogy between his proposal and the necessity for traffic signals. "[T]here's a reason for stop lights," he said. "You're driving a vehicle, you see that stop light, and I hope you stop."

Wow, someone sure did pass Driver's Ed with flying colors! But apparently the Constitutional Law exam was a little harder.

The unconstitutionality and utter stupidity of Allen's proposal are manifest. His demagoguery also is contributing to a poisonous atmosphere for thousands of hard-working gay Alabamians who are making great contributions to the state. University of Alabama dance professor Cornelius Carter, who is gay, told The Guardian, "I don't know if I belong here anymore."

Did I mention that Carter was named U.S. Professor of the Year three years ago? Thanks, Gerald, for doing your damnedest to eviscerate the dance program at your state's flagship university.

Allen is a small-timer who has hopped aboard the discrimination train and hopes to ride it all the way to prominence. And now he's meeting with the leader of the free world.

Sleep tight tonight.


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