Saturday, December 04, 2004

Thanks for the humiliation, Roy Moore

Guess what people around the world are reading right now when they visit the main page on CNN's website? That's right: People in Alabama had a chance to vote against segregation, and they didn't. Deep down in the story, you find the real reason behind the vote against Amendment 2 -- former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and his false assertions about how the measure would "raise taxes" -- but the headline is all that most people will read. An unfortunate side effect of the recount law enacted after the 2002 gubernatorial election saga is that the recount results are putting the segregation amendment in the news twice in a month.

Nearly 140 years after slavery became illegal in this country, Alabama is still being associated with support for segregation in the national media. The days of fire hosings and lynchings are still casting a dark shadow over our state's worldwide reputation, and this vote did nothing but make our image problems worse. This vote was an embarrassment to all morally decent Alabamians, and I hold Moore and all Christian leaders who campaigned against this necessary amendment personally responsible for the damage.

Good-hearted, clear-thinking Alabamians are tired of your games, Roy. The electorate will prove that if you run for governor.


Blogger W.C.G. said...

Are you sure? I'm a bit pessimistic about Alabama's willingness to vote Ol' Roy down.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

I think the business community will fall in line behind Bob Riley if it looks like Roy Moore's serious about becoming governor. The GOP's business wing, combined with crossover Democratic voters desperate to avoid the reign of Gov. Granite Calf, should be enough to defeat Moore in the Republican primary. Even if he squeaks through, Lucy Baxley is the likely Democratic nominee, and she's been one of the most popular politicians in this state for a number of years. If Moore won the GOP nomination, I think moderate Republicans would vote for Baxley in the general election. I don't see Moore winning two statewide contests in the same gubernatorial race. Too many people see through his facade for that to happen.

8:07 PM  

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