Monday, March 24, 2008


That's the American death toll in Iraq, five years and five days into a war that President Bush has no idea how to end, and presumably no intention to do so even if he did.

This war means 4,000 American families and untold thousands of Iraqi families will go to bed tonight -- and every night -- without someone who meant the world to them. It means thousands of people will go to bed tonight -- and every night -- knowing they never get to spend another day with their best friend. And it means thousands of children will go to bed tonight -- and every night -- without feeling the loving embrace of a mother or father.

This war destroys lives every day. How much longer must it last?


Anonymous Tamara said...

Only 4000. That's fantastic, compared to the death toll before we entered this war.

How many lives were saved when Saddam was captured? How many lives were saved by capturing ONE terrorist?

I don't remember the exact toll for the WTC attack, but it was roughly 3,500. Those are people that were loved and special. Those people will never come home. Those people died without a choice. They were killed mercilessly, forced to burn to death, or crushed to death or jump out of a 90-story window, or drown in the smoke and powdered debris.

Our military has made the choice to fight knowing the risks. They knew they might and probably would die. They still chose to go.

Thankfully, they chose to do so, so that people like you and I don't have to go.

How many lives were saved because of one Marine going overseas?

I'm grateful and saddened that lives must be lost in order to help restore order to the world.

Could you imagine what the death toll would be if we ignored it, like we did in WWII?

We sat around and said "Not our war" and six million Jews died because of that. But, if we were to think the way this post is going.

0 American lives were lost by us not joining the war until later.

Kind of makes your post look a bit elitist. Like Americans are the only ones worth saving.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

Perhaps I should have underlined my lamentation of the deaths of "untold thousands" of Iraqis, then italicized it and put it in boldface. That way, maybe I could avoid charges of being an "elitist." You know, the kind of elitist who opposes a war that only about two-thirds of Americans are against. (As for the Iraqis, more than 70 percent of them say they're against the U.S. troop presence in their country.)

I'd say more about the statement that "only" 4,000 deaths is "fantastic, compared to the death toll before we entered this war," but I'll let that speak for itself. As for the Hitler analogy, I'll defer to the odd couple of Keith Olbermann and the Cato Institute.

Al-Qaeda, not Iraq, was responsible for the despicable murders on 9/11. Five years ago, the Bush administration turned its focus away from Afghanistan, where many of al-Qaeda's leaders were hiding, to Iraq, where they weren't. Today, America still has about as many soldiers in Iraq as we did on the day our brave men and women fulfilled their mission: the ouster of Saddam.

When, if ever, will our government allow our troops to come home from Iraq?

1:55 AM  

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