Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Alabama TV ad roundup

Our airwaves are now properly inundated with partisanship. A few observations as the deluge begins in earnest:
  • Ads by both attorney general candidates -- AG Troy King and Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson, Jr. -- state that they passed a law to protect children from abuse. Someone should inform the legislators that they're no longer necessary in the lawmaking process.
  • Democratic chief justice candidate Sue Bell Cobb correctly notes that she's "the only wife and mother" in the race. In fairness to Republican incumbent Drayton Nabers, I can think of at least one really good reason he shouldn't be expected to possess those qualities.
  • Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Jim Folsom, Jr., is winning the ad war with GOP contender Luther Strange, who, as you may know, is tall. The well-done "four shotguns, three dogs, two children, and a church" spot defined Folsom before his opponent could, and it was far more effective than Strange's terminally silly attack ad with an overweight man in various stages of decade-appropriate dress.
  • Liberal liberals liberally liberalize the liberality. So there.


Blogger makito said...

Mark Foley. Rush Limbaugh. Newt Gingrinch. Bob Ney. Abramoff,Livingston...

2:06 PM  
Blogger King Cockfight said...

I've slept with 10 women (I think) -- all but I'm sure are of age (I think) -- in the past two years.

In my rural Winston County mansion, I have five cats, an autistic brother, a disowned sister and an impressive collection of semi-automatic weaponry of murky legal nature.

I have played tennis at the Mountain Brook country club, but I did it to get laid. I would rather be hunting -- for more sex, likely elsewhere in Mountain Brook.

For the past five years, I've been dicking around my mansion, playing wall-ball, Xbox and cheating the poor out of money -- just like Alabama likes it.

I'm King Cockfight, and I've never forgotten my near autocratic, smarmy, blue-blood roots -- or how I'm ashamed of yours. I want to be your State Auditor.


4:44 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

I love political ads. They're so funny.

5:07 AM  

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