Thursday, August 24, 2006

Giles flies solo

John Giles, president of Alabama's chapter of the Christian Coalition, has pulled the state group out of its national parent organization because -- of course -- it's becoming too liberal.

One might wonder how anyone could come to see an association that supports displays of religious imagery on public property and opposes gay rights, embryonic stem cell research, and abortion as "too liberal," but Giles has the proof. Not only did the national Christian Coalition support Gov. Bob Riley's 2003 tax package (which would have cut most poor Alabamians' taxes), but it also backs the idea of Net neutrality, the regulation of the Web to ensure that Internet service providers can't threaten website owners with lower-quality access if they don't pay for special treatment. It sounds harmless enough -- until you learn that those liberal liberals at support the plan, too.

Game, set, match. As has been established in countless campaign ads, everything in which anyone from believes, up to and including the heliocentric theory of the solar system, is hopelessly and irredeemably liberal and therefore bad.

So there.


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