Sunday, August 20, 2006

Detective Kimble was unavailable for comment

As original statewide political coverage in small daily newspapers goes, Jasper's Daily Mountain Eagle is near the top of the list. In addition to a story on the Democratic legislative group that hasn't revealed its donors, the Eagle this week offered up a lengthy piece on Democratic attorney general nominee John Tyson, Jr., who heavily touts his initiative to try to save troubled kids from lives of crime and who also, incidentally, is the older brother of the bad guy in Kindergarten Cop.

We also get some lively quotes courtesy of the Eagle. Here's Tyson on why voters should oust incumbent AG Troy King: "[T]he top prosecutor's job in the state of Alabama is not the place to do on-
the-job training. We ought to start with somebody with on-the-job experience and go from there."

Tyson on the need for a pre-emptive approach to crime: "The truth of the matter is if you leave the peace of the community to cops and prosecutors, you're going to lose. Cops and prosecutors are always after the fact. It's too late after the bullet has gone."

Finally, Tyson on why he opted to campaign for AG in the first place: "My wife has been with me all the way. The children are grown and educated. The dog died last year. It's time for the Tysons to step out and run for statewide office."


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