Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fringe benefits

You can't call the University of Alabama's newly renovated Bryant Hall an athletic dormitory. After all, NCAA regulations don't allow schools to establish athletic dorms, defined as residence halls where more than half of the occupants are athletes.

But as The Crimson White reports today, the rules do, however, allow a dorm where 49 percent of the residents are football players, who will enjoy full-size beds, plasma-screen televisions in the lounges, and meals at a buffet featuring filet mignon and red snapper. (Non-athletes can eat there, too, if they pony up $17.95.)

So who are the other 51 percent? Engineering students, of course.


Anonymous Dan said...

Engineering students? Too bad I live off campus.

Aside: When I lived in Mississippi for a semester and stayed at the Southern Miss campus, I lived in the "athletics" dorm. It was mostly athletes, and it was also the dorm for disabled students. My guess is that someone in MS figured the big, strong athletes could carry the wheelchaired kids to safety if there was a fire.

It makes sense, but I'm sure some ADA lawyer would be all over it. At least we're not Mississippi.

10:45 PM  

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