Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lawnmower man

HealthSouth co-founder Aaron Beam went to federal prison for three months after pleading guilty to bank fraud. Now Beam, who once pulled in $500,000 a year, is free and runs a one-man lawn service company near the Gulf Coast, from which he makes about $1,200 a month. He's also seeking a turf management degree.

In other news on the HealthSouth co-founder front, a federal judge decided Friday that Richard Scrushy will have to cancel his vacation in the Bahamas after all. Something about flight risk and multiple felony convictions and whatnot.


Blogger Speakeasy said...

You should watch the video on Aaron Beam...
At least the guy knows he screwed up. You might like when he talks about college football also. pretty funny

3:08 PM  

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