Friday, May 19, 2006

The latest from the never-ending trial

Former landfill company executive Lanny Young, prosecutors' other star witness in former Gov. Don Siegelman's federal corruption trial, got fired up Thursday during cross-examination by Siegelman's lawyer. Of course, that's the kind of response you might expect after the attorney referred to him as a "criminal tax fraud artist" and a "con artist and crook from the word go."

The key question in this part of the case will be whether a quid pro quo existed: Did the Siegelman administration's help of Young in his business dealings with the state come in exchange for personal gifts and campaign donations? And it could be some time before the jury returns with an answer to that question; U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller warned this week that "we are going to be here until Christmastime" if both sides don't pick up the pace.

Somehow, you already knew that intrinsically.


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