Wednesday, May 17, 2006

As it ever was with Roy

The Birmingham News today goes to the farm with Republican gubernatorial candidate Roy Moore, and we learn that he has something in common with former Gov. Don Siegelman: a love of kicking at things. (Moore is into kickboxing, whereas karate is Siegelman's thing.)

We also learn that Moore feels "the big issue in the country today" is not the Iraq war or the deficit or education or immigration but rather "whether or not you say there is a sovereign God." A Moore volunteer says he thinks his man, who trails badly in the polls, will pull an upset due to strong support from "Wal-Mart Republicans," ostensibly the same group to which GOP lieutenant governor candidate George Wallace, Jr., hopes to appeal.


Blogger Don said...

Obviously Moore still doesn’t get it. His platform is based on returning our state government to the people, those of us who supposedly own it, and certainly pay for it. His agenda sounds good, but he has no way to deliver on it, and he could have if he would forcibly come out for a populist issue that would, I’m convinced, increase his popularity with voters – namely, working to bring Initiative and Referendum to Alabama. He only gives that issue lip service when pressured to do so, however. To see where he and other 2006 candidates stand on that issue go to

10:04 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Roy's entire schtick seems to consist of him against the world. I'm sure that appeals to the seriously paranoid among us, but I have to wonder about his childhood (other than the whole lack of indoor plumbing thing).

10:22 AM  

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