Saturday, May 20, 2006

Good for all the wrong reasons

A University of Alabama advertising professor has labeled Republican Roy Moore's 60-second spot the strongest of the television ad offerings thus far from gubernatorial candidates.

That's not so much because it discusses any meaningful proposals -- because it doesn't -- but because it harkens back to Moore's ouster as chief justice in 2003 and aims to motivate his base by stirring religious fervor. In the professor's words: "It's brilliant for Moore. For years, Gov. (George) Wallace convinced everybody that the feds and the court systems were a bunch of evildoers, that they were out to get good, hard-working Alabamians, that they were social engineers who wanted to destroy the Southern way of life. And that just feeds into it."

Today's Huntsville Times story also noted the relative dearth of political ads about two and a half weeks before the primaries. But don't worry, ad junkies; more are coming soon, and some may not even mention that Luther Strange is tall.


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