Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sundays are for survey stories

A recent (Mobile) Press-Register poll shows Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley leading former Gov. Don Siegelman by a mere 5 percentage points in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. A few questions:

1) Exactly where has Baxley been, anyway? Has anyone told her that the primary is about a month away and that she might want to start talking about some of her positions, or at least telling the public to check her website for them?

2) Will Siegelman's corruption trial be over by election day? Would Democratic voters hand him the nomination with a federal sword of Damocles still hanging precariously over his head? Any ideas where Alabamians can get a good deal on garden shears?

3) Will Gov. Bob Riley's 44-point lead over former Chief Justice Roy Moore on the Republican side prompt Democrats who otherwise would have crossed over to return to the party fold? And if so, does Siegelman have any chance whatsoever of winning a Democratic primary without large-scale white flight?

4) Will I ever come to accept the (Mobile) Press-Register's name change? Furthermore, should I?


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