Sunday, April 16, 2006

(Roy) Moore is less

A lot less, according to a recent survey by the (Mobile) Press-Register. Gov. Bob Riley holds a 44-point lead over the (former) Alabama chief justice in the Republican gubernatorial primary race. A possible explanation from (poll) director Keith Nicholls: "Except for his claim that mad cow disease is a government conspiracy designed to compromise the privacy rights of our livestock, the Moore campaign has been rather quiet."

Yes, (out-of-state) readers, you read the previous sentence correctly. Nicholls (again) with a conclusion: "It's hard to imagine what might happen to bring Moore back to competitiveness. Bottom line is that the fat lady may not have sung for Roy Moore, but she's warming up."

And yes, this (probably) is the last Press-Register wisecrack.


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And thank God for that!

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