Wednesday, April 19, 2006

'Roy never had much interest in the law'

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Woodall verbally shredded the dynamic judicial duo of Roy Moore and Tom Parker in The Decatur Daily this week, and, well, you should read it all.

Bear in mind two things while reading these comments: 1) Moore, Parker, and Woodall are all Republicans, so the remarks aren't motivated by partisanship, and 2) Woodall isn't running directly against either of them in the primary, so he isn't just jockeying for electoral position. Without further adieu, here are copious excerpts to whet your appetite.

On Parker's newspaper column condemning the other justices for following a U.S. Supreme Court precedent that Parker didn't like: "I think I was the only (justice) who actually called Parker to cuss him out, but we were all mad. It was cowardly and deceitful, and a whole lot of other words that I guess I won't say here."

On Moore's approach to church-state issues: "Roy never had much interest in the law. I'd say he has an average legal mind. ... I sometimes think (Moore) has said it so much he's starting to believe it, but it's all gibberish."

On Parker's efficiency: "He doesn't handle his cases; he just lets them pile up. He's apparently so busy conspiring against the rest of the court that he doesn't have time to be a judge."

On Moore's gubernatorial run: "I think it would set the state back 40 or 50 years ... if Moore becomes governor."

On the changing definition of conservatism: "I had always thought following the law was conservative, but apparently not."


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