Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cause and effect

Did you know Alabama's offense has scored only one touchdown in the last 13 quarters against SEC opponents? It's true! And it's all because wide receiver Tyrone Prothro got injured!

Of course, they've also only scored one SEC touchdown since Harriet Miers got nominated for the Supreme Court. And since Roy Moore announced his candidacy for governor. And since Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice returned to her home state.

I'd hold a vast right-wing conspiracy responsible for the Crimson Tide's offensive woes, but the dry spell also has persisted since former President Clinton came to Alabama and since former Gov. Don Siegelman told prosecutors to plant a kiss on his posterior, so it's clear that a bipartisan cabal is to blame.

Turnovers, lower rushing production, and an inexperienced offensive line might play a part, too, but hey, that doesn't make for a flashy headline. Truth, like teams with a good defense, is boring.


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