Thursday, October 06, 2005

Don has a few things to say

Former Gov. Don Siegelman thinks a Montgomery grand jury probably will indict him soon, though he's not sure for what. A different grand jury indicted him last year on charges of conspiracy, health care fraud, and theft, but a federal judge dismissed most of the charges and prosecutors dropped the rest.

As for this set of prosecutors? Siegelman politely requests that they "kiss [his] ass" and says he'll only drop out of next year's Democratic gubernatorial primary if they "shoot [him] in the head and pull [his] heart out." Considering that the Middle Ages ended a few centuries back, it's a safe bet that won't happen.

Siegelman also thinks he'll have a better shot at winning Alabama's Democratic primary thanks to Roy Moore's entry this week on the Republican side. He may be right, but not for the reason he thinks.

Because Siegelman has gotten solid support from black voters in the past, he says, he stands to gain as white Democrats choose to vote in the GOP primary. Siegelman's theory is that many of those voters would be evangelicals who support Moore, and no doubt some traditional Democratic voters will fall in that category. But it's likely that still more white Democrats will cast crossover votes for Gov. Bob Riley in an effort to keep Moore as far away from the Governor's Mansion as possible.

Oh, and as for Siegelman's remark to The Tuscaloosa News on Tuesday that Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley's support has "fall[en] like a rock since Hurricane Katrina" because respondents "don't want a woman controlling the National Guard" after seeing how Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco handled Katrina's aftermath? Siegelman hasn't unveiled that poll, but he did offer assurances that he doesn't feel that way personally: "I love Lucy like everybody else."

Baxley's response to Siegelman's National Guard comment: "He knows more about [being indicted]."


Blogger Kathy said...

Paranoid and sexist -- what a great combination. Maybe he'll be indicted and convicted before the primary. One can hope.

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