Friday, September 02, 2005

How you can help in Alabama

Thousands of evacuees from New Orleans and southern Mississippi are in Alabama right now, and they need assistance. Below are some of the ways people are helping in a few of the state's major cities. Please post updates in the comments if you know of other local projects to aid Hurricane Katrina's victims.

Auburn: Conservative Progress passes along some information about Auburn University's relief efforts. The university has set up a website with news about donation drives and transfer programs.

Birmingham: Birmingham Blues is keeping track of relief agencies' needs in the Magic City and notes that the shelter at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center is asking for diapers, pillows, sheets, and towels. The site's proprietor also provided several helpful updates in the comments to this post.

Huntsville: The Rocket City only has one official shelter thus far, but calls for help have begun pouring in at the local Red Cross chapter. Several relief agencies have started collecting money for relief efforts.

Montgomery: About 6,000 evacuees are staying in motels and at least five shelters in the capital city area. City officials ask volunteers to contact the Emergency Operations Center for more information on how to help. The United Way also needs donations.

Troy: Unlocked Wordhoard reports that Troy has about 300 evacuees who need assistance and shelter.

Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama has set up an evacuation shelter at its Rec Center, and the Red Cross needs volunteers there. The university also has rushed its admission of displaced students from New Orleans universities and has asked Crimson Tide football fans to give up their motel rooms for this weekend's football game to make room for Katrina refugees. More information is available here.


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Thanks for getting the information out. I have posted a list of links and other info that will remain at the top of Birmingham Blues. I know it's not complete, so I encourage everyone to add links in the comments section. I'll promote them up to the post ASAP.

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