Monday, August 29, 2005

And it's not done yet

New Orleans avoided a direct hit from Hurricane Katrina today, but three people died Sunday, and much of the city is still flooded. The deputy director of the LSU Hurricane Center described the Big Easy's situation thusly: "[There's] no sewage, no drinking water, contamination, threat of rapid increase in mosquitoes, roads are impassible, downed power lines everywhere, trees, debris from houses in the roads, no way to go shopping, no gas."

Fortunately, the Louisiana Superdome, which contained 10,000 storm refugees, endured the hurricane's onslaught aside from the loss of a few pieces of its roof. Meanwhile, the Mississippi Gold Coast, which bore the brunt of Katrina's landfall, has been savaged, with reports of three dead from falling trees and more than 500,000 without power in the state.

In Alabama, downtown Mobile is underwater, and two people died in a hurricane-related accident. More than 210,000 Alabamians are without power as Katrina churns ever northward, still bearing winds that frequently gust to hurricane force.

Stay safe, everyone.


Blogger Matt Collins said...

Those of us in east Alabama will keep you and the rest of west Alabama in our thoughts, as y'all got a lot more of the storm than we did.

1:26 PM  

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