Thursday, April 28, 2005

The exodus ends

After a nationwide tour, Roy Moore's rock is coming home.

The chunk of granite that landed Roy a book deal made the former Alabama chief justice a household name will be installed Friday at a Gadsden church. Moore will be there to dedicate, to consecrate, to hallow that ground, and maybe to campaign for governor if he has a spare moment in between.

Evidence that it's a small world after all: The son of the Gadsden church's pastor is Christopher Word, the man who lost his job at the Hoover Chamber of Commerce last year after wearing a Ten Commandments lapel pin to work and, according to the chamber's attorney, making pro-Moore statements at work.

Evidence that very little on this little blue planet is black and white: Word founded the state's first chapter of Alabama Students for Constitutional Reform while attending Samford University.


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