Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another day, another wasted dollar

They aren't even going through the motions anymore.

Alabama senators went home early Tuesday after they failed to reach a quorum. All 10 Republican members boycotted because they were mad about the budgets. Several Democrats boycotted in a show of solidarity with Sen. Jim Preuitt, D-Talladega, and the unofficial movement to paint the Legislature red in 2006. Combined with a couple of Democratic members who were just running late, the motley crew managed to waste yet another business day and to make a special session a virtual certainty.

As Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley said, "The taxpayers got cheated today."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I was standing next to Baxley when she said that, I'd have asked her, "What do you mean, 'today'?"


9:39 PM  

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