Monday, December 13, 2004

I haven't forgotten this story either

Democratic congressmen have asked Ohio Gov. Bob Taft to delay his state's Electoral College voting until questions about irregularities in the Nov. 2 election can be answered. Taft, a Republican, says he will do no such thing.

Democrat John Kerry almost certainly did not win Ohio, but the voting-machine and registration woes there are nonetheless troubling for the electoral process. Especially worrisome are the electronic voting machines that produce no independently verifiable paper trail to confirm that the vote totals they produce match the votes cast on them. If an election can be decided by a hacker or a computer bug without anyone ever knowing it, we've lost our republic.

For an overview of some of the major problems that arose in Ohio during last month's election, click here. For continuing updates on the matter, I recommend MSNBC host Keith Olbermann's blog, Bloggermann. Olbermann is the only mainstream broadcaster who has investigated this story since day one, and like a true journalist, he's still aggressively pursuing new leads.

If any major developments arise on the recount story, I'll address them here. But until then, Olbermann is your best bet.


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