Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bad news for the tissue industry

Auburn University fans probably will have to find a new tree to roll soon, because the oak at Toomer's Corner seems to be heading inexorably toward its demise. Among the speculated causes of death, according to The Auburn Plainsman, are encroaching development, a hit from a car, and -- yes -- too much rolling from overeager Auburn backers who take advantage of any opportunity to hurl toilet paper into the branches.

So how did momentous events on the Plains come to be associated with toilet paper in the first place? Wikipedia comes strong with the knowledge: "[T]his tradition is said to have begun when Toomer's Drugs had the only telegraph in the city. During away football games, when employees of the local drug store received news of a win, they would roll the oak trees to signal a win to the public. Traditionally used only as a way to celebrate football victories, in recent years it has become a way to celebrate anything good that happens concerning Auburn."

Well, all right then.


Blogger Matt Collins said...

Not sure how to take that last comment, but oh well.

I've long thought they should replace the trees, given the cramped area they are in. There are many sprouts and saplings of those tress that are being sold to interested Auburn alumni, so it would just be a matter growing a couple of those up a little and then transplanting them. Granted, they'd probably have to tear out the whole corner to do it.

-the Progressive Conservative

12:25 PM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

As many landmarks as this state has lost at its own hands, it'd be nice for them to save the tree in some form or fashion.

6:05 PM  

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