Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Guess we won't see that epic Michigan-Ohio State rematch after all.

It was good to watch Florida stomp a mudhole in the latest overhyped team of destiny Monday night, not because I'm much of a Gator fan but because the trouncing emphasizes just how strong the SEC is -- and how much raw talent Alabama will have back next year from a team that was within a point of the national champion in the fourth quarter. Florida was a blown call on the Plains away from an undefeated season, but it had to scratch and dig to survive conference play, a testament to the SEC's brutality.

The beatdown in the desert also further supports my long-held opinion that as long as the BCS is in place, two teams from the same conference should never play in the championship game. You never know how good a league is until it faces big-time outside competition, and the Big Ten bowl meltdown proved it.

As decisive as Monday's game was, the BCS system once more has tarnished the purity of the national title. Boise State finished 13-0 and had precisely zero chance to stake a claim to the crystal football. Just as Auburn and Utah had legitimate gripes when they found themselves in the same boat two years ago, you can't deny the Boise State players who conquered every challenge thrown at them this season the right to claim a piece of the big pie.

I'm positive the Gators would beat the Broncos. But a whole lot of people were positive Ohio State would spank Florida, too.


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