Sunday, July 30, 2006

So stop worrying about it

Alabama Power's employee PAC has given millions of dollars in the last six years to political action committees that happen to have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates for the Public Service Commission, today's (Mobile) Press-Register reports. But fear not: The utility's employee PAC always attaches a letter to donations asking that "no part of this contribution be used to support or otherwise benefit" PSC candidates, because that could be illegal if it happened, which it doesn't.


Anonymous Debbie Murphree said...

The Attorney General will not do anything about pac to pac transfers either, EVEN THOUGH a person goes in to talk with them, with BROKEN DOWN DATA FROM THE PACS SHOWING EXACTLY WHERE THE MONEY CAME FROM AND WHOM HAS BENEFITED FROM IT, OR RECEIVED FUNDING FROM IT. I just don't get it. If Alabama Code 10-2a-70.1, and 70.2 states regulated utilities cannot contribute DIRECTLY to PSC candidates, then what the heck do we even have that code for??? Isn't it quite OBVIOUS that they can give indirectly then, which is an automatic GIVEN? Makes no sense, and shows that they fully do NOT intend to crack down on facts based cases. LET'S work TOGETHER to get this legislation passed.

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