Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Because it deserves another post

It's old news at this point, but for the record, Alabama wide receiver Tyrone Prothro's catch behind the Southern Miss defender's back this year was indisputably the most spectacular play I've seen in a lot of years of watching football. And that's not even the crimson bias talking.

Considering how the Crimson Tide had been racking up victories in the weekly Pontiac Game-Changing Performance votes -- five honorees in all this season -- it seemed inevitable that Prothro's catch would win top honors as play of the year. It did, of course -- it just had to -- and there was much joy around these parts.

And that was followed by even more joy when Texas quarterback Vince Young single-handedly pre-empted the looming USC "three-peat" talk that entirely would have ignored the undefeated 1966 Alabama team that did everything required to win the school's third straight national title but was denied it because pollsters at the time didn't think any team deserved to win three in a row. At least that prospect is gone for a few more years.

OK, you're right; college football has been over for almost a week, and I really need to get over it. So feel free to crank up an NFL discussion in the comments to distract me. One proposed topic: Why has no one made offensive guru Norm Chow a head coach?


Blogger John Hubbard said...

If White would have pushed for a few more inches on that 4th down play late in the game, USC won have won the game. USC would have been proclaimed the best team in the history of college football. It turns out that they aren't even the best team this year -- much less in history. It’s crazy that a few inches on one play determined the team’s place in history.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Prothro: Greatest play since George Teague's play in the Sugar Bowl, stripping the ball from Lamar Thomas.

NFL: Go Shaun go!

Norm Chow: I got nothin'.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Prothro's catch was one of the most amazing I have ever seen. Probably THE most amazing.

But I don't see it as the "Game Changing Performance" of the year. How was it "Game Changing"? Alabama beats USM easily with or without that play.

Brandon Cox (Auburn) converted on 4th and TEN with less than a couple of minutes left against the number 4 team in the country. They don't convert on that big play, the game is over, and Auburn doesn't upset #4 Georgia. Now THAT is game-changing.

That and any number of other plays were more game-changing than Prothro's catch.

Play of the year? Give it to Prothro. Game changing performance? No.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

JCH, it's funny how things work sometimes. LenDale White will be an amazing pro, though.

Jeff, as far as individual effort goes, I have to give the edge to Prothro. But in my crimson heart of hearts, the Teague strip is still my favorite play that didn't involve a goal-line stand.

Dan, Prothro's performance definitely was a game changer. Southern Miss had Alabama on the ropes at the time; the Tide was down 21-10 right before halftime, and all of the momentum was on the other sideline. Then, suddenly, Prothro comes down with that amazing catch right before the break to set up a touchdown on the next play and send Alabama to the locker room with all of the momentum. Without that catch, Alabama could well have lost that night and had a very different kind of season.

5:05 AM  

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