Sunday, January 08, 2006

And don't forget immigration

Today's Mobile Register breaks down this year's Alabama legislative session into the bite-size previews that I love so very much. The big brouhaha, as you'd expect, will be over how to spend the projected nine-figure education budget surplus, but the Register points to a few other key topics likely to climb Goat Hill.

Unsurprisingly, a slew of "faith-and-morals bills" will arise because -- wait for it -- it's an election year, but not many of them will end up on the books because, as the analysis notes, "if they pass, legislators wouldn't have them to propose anymore."

Thanks to Hurricane Katrina and her ill-tempered friends, hurricane-related measures look to receive more attention than normal this year. So do long-needed prison reforms, thanks to a bill package by Gov. Bob Riley's administration. And as always, the Legislature will take up far too much of its time dealing with purely local issues thanks to the constitution's handicaps on home rule.

Whatever legislators intend to get done, would it be too bold to ask that this be a year when we don't have to pay for a special session for them to do it?


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