Tuesday, December 27, 2005

That's Mr. Bean to you

I could write about the latest legislator found to have directed state money toward a group run by his relatives, but I'd really rather write about Butterbean. Fortunately, The Birmingham News made that possible today with a lengthy profile of the charismatic Alabama boxer legally known as Eric Esch.

Butterbean still resides in bucolic Walker County, where he runs a barbecue restaurant. (No, it doesn't serve butterbeans. You might think it should, but he doesn't like them anymore, and he's bigger than you, so you probably should drop it.) The Bean, a bruising, rotund 38-year-old, said he plans to fight until 2007 before retiring from the ring. One of his goals by then is to have taken on Mike Tyson in a match that you know would pop a huge buy rate.

Championships aren't exactly Butterbean's obsession, though: "I've held three of them. They honestly don't mean anything. It's a ploy promoters use to make a fight a world title fight."


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