Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Never-ending lawsuits that never end

Speaking of never-ending litigation involving state agencies, Alabama's county jails are getting clogged up with state inmates again despite a court order that the state leave them there no longer than 30 days. Despite some recent help from an extra parole board, the state's prison rolls are growing wildly, often thanks to nonviolent drug offenders, even with most prisons already operating at twice their capacity.

So where has the Legislature been with prison construction funding and some much-needed sentencing reforms that could alleviate this growing problem? I wish I knew.


Blogger Jeff said...

1986: I was at a breakfast featuring Fob James, who had just announced himself for the Governor's race. He had a great line about the prison situation: "We do need more prisons, and the only thing to do about that, which will make everyone in Alabama happy is -- build 'em in Mississippi."

Hey, wow, deja vu all over again!

1:27 PM  

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