Monday, December 05, 2005

Once, bowls weren't named for companies

OK, enough of this politics business. It's time to talk football.

Who do you have in the Rose Bowl? Are you as psyched as I am that Alabama is going to the Cotton Bowl? (It's still rightfully one of the Big Four bowls, no matter what anyone says.) What's the most intriguing non-BCS matchup? And so the NFL fans don't feel left out, can anyone stop the Indianapolis Colts this year?

Fire away.


Blogger Matt Collins said...

I'm very interested in the rematch of Auburn and Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl Jan. 2. (what else would you expect?)

Other than that, go Longhorns!

4:47 PM  
Blogger Altoid said...

Yeah, I hope Texas waxes USC, other tha that I a anxious to see Notre Dame's game and Alabama's. As far as the Colts go, they will lose in Jacksonville this Sunday.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Alabamian said...

A Texas win at least would put an end to the football pundits' nonstop worship of USC as an unstoppable, unprecedented force of nature.

It's like no one remembers that LSU split the championship in 2003, or that Auburn and Utah also finished unbeaten last year, or that Alabama should have won a third consecutive national title in 1966 when it finished with a perfect record and Michigan State and Notre Dame tied. And let's not even talk about the end of USC-Notre Dame this year, or the fact that the Trojans gave up 42 points at home against a team that didn't even win the WAC. Yes, USC is a great team, but the hype is getting to be a bit much.

All team loyalty considerations aside, Alabama vs. Texas Tech should be an intriguing contrast in styles. Notre Dame vs. Ohio State should be a good game, too, and the Peach Bowl got a great matchup in LSU vs. Miami.

As for the Capital One Bowl, unless the Badgers show up sky-high and the Tigers have a huge letdown, Auburn should blow Wisconsin out of the water. That team is probably better than half of the ones in the BCS.

I had the Jaguars pegged as the Colts' first loss until they lost their quarterback. Now I'm not so sure.

10:55 AM  

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