Saturday, December 03, 2005

I think I like this news too much

If Congress is going to spend time talking about steroids in Major League Baseball -- and it is, because it has -- then it's only fair to spend time talking about college football's broken postseason system, too. That's what a House subcommittee will do next week.

As long-time readers should know, I hate the Bowl Championship Series with a white-hot, unrelenting passion, so if a congressional hearing or two will hasten the arrival of a Division I-A football playoff, call the first witness.

Sure, the hearing will be largely symbolic, but so was the Senate's examination a couple of years ago of whether the BCS unjustly put small-conference teams at a disadvantage. The spotlight worked, though; shortly thereafter, BCS officials adopted provisions that made it much easier for such teams to qualify for a big-time bowl.

Rationally, I should be offended that Congress is wasting time talking pigskin instead of, you know, actually governing. But not much is rational about college football fandom.


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