Sunday, July 31, 2005

They don't want Roy

Almost three-fourths of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee's members would prefer that their party's 2006 gubernatorial nomination go to Gov. Bob Riley instead of former Chief Justice Roy Moore, according to a recent Birmingham News survey. One promised to leave the state if Moore won.

The results reflect a divide between the party's economic conservatives, who are lining up behind Riley again now that their hurt feelings over the 2003 Amendment One referendum are passing, and social conservatives, who love Moore. The survey also shows that many party leaders know a Moore nomination probably would fracture the Republican vote enough to put a Democrat in the Governor's Mansion.

There's no guarantee that the GOP rank and file will agree with their leaders' sentiments, of course, but another poll that showed Riley's approval rating almost 20 percentage points higher than Moore's among Republican voters indicates they might.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never have the hopes of so many rested on the shoulders of those so stupid. Can we trust GOP voters to back Riley instead of Moore? I only hope so...


12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the rapture will occur before the election and there won't be any Moore supporters around anymore, then Alabama'll win for sure, apocalypse notwithstanding.

Barney Google

3:13 PM  

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