Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jolly good show

By all accounts, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labour Party will win a third term in power in today's election despite public disapproval of Blair's decision to send troops to Iraq and embarrassing recent revelations that he entered the war after his foreign minister warned him the justifications for war were "thin."

Due in large part to his pre-war statements, about two-thirds of the British say they don't trust Blair, which ordinarily would be a sure-fire recipe for defeat. But members of the Labour Party's main opposition, the Conservative Party, also supported the Iraq war, and a majority of voters said they think Conservative leader Michael Howard is dishonest, too.

The Liberal Democrats opposed the Iraq war and offer a true alternative for disaffected voters, but they're a third party, and third parties never win without a professional wrestler.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for this headline in American papers: "How Can 40,000,000 People Be So Dumb?"

8:14 PM  

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