Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Maybe he's not so bad after all

I agree with Roy Moore on something.

Yes, it's shocking but true. The former Alabama chief justice said something very wise while speaking in Huntsville on Tuesday: "It's about God and the government and the relationship between the two. Our philosophy is limited government. One thing it is limited from is telling us how to think."

Amen, Brother Roy! If only you'd taken your own advice before using your power as a public official to install a gargantuan Ten Commandments monument in the state judicial building and then to forbid other religious displays there, we'd get along fine.

Also spot-on was Moore's wife, Kayla, who had this to say about her husband's likely gubernatorial run: "It's something to pray long and hard about."

It sure is.


Anonymous Kathy said...

But you know they didn't mean it....

12:33 PM  

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