Sunday, December 26, 2004

Because I like tying up loose ends

Back in the olden days of this site's infancy, I vowed to you, my loyal readers, that I would provide some analysis of the major -- and not so major -- potential 2008 presidential candidates. I even put up a post to solicit nominations in the comments. A few of you graciously responded. And then, nothing.

Well, it's time to follow through on my promise. This week, I finally hope to churn out a series of posts replete with my analysis and commentary on the potential candidates, their chances of running, and their chances of success if they do. I'll start with the Democrats, then the Republicans, then a few wild card entries from the third-party and independent ranks. As I pledged, I'll include all of the possibilities submitted earlier. I'll also pick a number of candidates on my own.

Consider this post another chance for you to submit nominations. I'll consider and analyze the chances of anyone mentioned in the comments to this post in the next few days, so go to town.


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