Thursday, December 23, 2004

For the rest of us

No holiday season would be complete without a visit from our good friend Festivus.

The festival for the rest of us, popularized -- indeed, created -- by the sitcom Seinfeld, recently found itself at the center of a church-state battle in Polk County, Fla. Commissioners there decided to break the impasse by turning a public area near the courthouse into a public forum for all kinds of holiday displays, and a quick-witted TV fan swiftly erected a sign in honor of Festivus. Unfortunately, no one came forward to claim the sign, so it will survive no longer on the public square.

The spirit of Festivus lives on, however, aided in part by the tongue-in-cheek Associated Press story above, which devotes a full paragraph to detailing the holiday's traditions, including "accusing others of being a disappointment and wrestling."


Blogging may be light for the next couple of days thanks to the holiday festivities. (Then again, it may not, but I thought I'd cover my bases anyway.) In case I don't get another chance to say it to all of my loyal readers, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kool Kwanzaa, Rockin' Ramadan, and, yes, Fabulous Festivus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two corrections:

(1) The display only would have been cool if it was accompanied by a Festivus pole. The pole, of course, would be a bare aluminum construct, because we all hate those gaudy decorations.

(2)The "wrestling" (properly known as the Feats of Strength) does not necessarily entail wrestling.


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