Thursday, November 18, 2004

A reminder of who the true enemy is

Sometimes it's worthwhile to take a step back from all of the debate over the Bush administration's approach to the war on terrorism and our relationship with our allies to remind ourselves that evil truly does exist in the world.

That evil manifested itself this week in the heinous murder of CARE International's Iraq director, Margaret Hassan, a Westerner who became an Iraqi citizen and spent three decades of her life doing humanitarian work in the country. She devoted her life to helping the poor selflessly, and hundreds of ordinary Iraqis rallied in the streets to call for her release. Even a message alleged to be from terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said Hassan's abduction was over the line.

But the message fell on deaf ears. In a shocking display of utter callousness and depravity, Hassan's captors murdered a good-
hearted, innocent woman in cold blood. Arab News, a Saudi newspaper, has published a poignant and desperate plea for good people across the Middle East and around the world to condemn this horrible, senseless brutality.

Americans are right to disagree from time to time over whether our leaders are taking the right actions in the right places to fight terrorism, but the murder of Hassan proves that evil still exists in the world and that we must do what we can to defeat it. We can differ over the best way to try to wipe out evil, but we cannot compromise on the need to eradicate it.


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