Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ignore the Green Party at your peril

I should just start posting everything Keith Olbermann writes in its entirety. And I would, except for all that stuff about "copyright infringement" and "lawsuit." Anyway, the MSNBC host is back again with a startling revelation: Despite U.S. Sen. John Kerry's reluctance to get involved in the post-election fracas, there may yet be a presidential recount in Ohio.

The instigator? Green Party presidential nominee David Cobb, who told a California radio station that he would "quite likely" request a recount in the Buckeye State in the next day or two. That request, of course, depends on whether his party can round up the cash to pay for it. A recount might also come to fruition in New Hampshire, which fell in the Kerry column by a narrow margin, thanks to the demands of independent candidate Ralph Nader.

Wouldn't it be interesting if third-party candidates ended up deciding this election after all?


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