Monday, August 24, 2009

He also doesn't know Batman

Buried in the middle of this article is an amusing report on the interaction between U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright, D-Montgomery, and some elementary school children in Prattville last week. During his visit, Bright presumably talked about what being in Congress is like -- the coverage is scant on that point -- and then showed the kids the card that he uses to cast votes on Capitol Hill.

What seemed to interest the children more, though, was whether Bright had any bodyguards. And if he would say hello to President Obama's daughters for them. And most of all, whether Bright could obtain a presidential classroom visit by Obama. The answer: "Probably not."

Wonder if being the only House Democrat to vote against the economic stimulus package, the 2010 budget, the climate change bill, and the expansion of children's health insurance might have anything to do with that?


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