Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I owe this post to the historical record

With the ad hoc once-a-month posting schedule I've informally and inadvertently adopted for much of this year, an increasing amount of my decreasing traffic has come from Google searches.

People get here using all kinds of search queries -- check the series I used to do on the weirder ones if you don't believe it -- but a few tend to recur. One of the most common for three years running has been "Blount Countian," because the newspaper got mentioned in the comments a time or two and those posts quickly took their place among the most popular search engine results for the term. When people went looking for a newspaper website that didn't exist, they ended up here instead.

I'm pleased to report that that shouldn't be a problem anymore. All of The Blount Countian's editions since mid-September are now available for your perusal at its shiny new website, so check them out there. And then, if reading a blog is your sort of thing, feel free to come back here, too.